Registration for the 8th Workshop on Parallel-in-time integration is now open. Since this workshop is organised through the Centre for Interdisciplinary Research of Bielefeld University, registration requires a formal invite. Please email one of the organisers to express your interest in attending and they will arrange for an invitation.

Parallel-in-time integration was mentioned prominently in the recent SIAM News, see here.

Parallel-in-time integration is mentioned in the FETHPC Call Transition to Exascale Computing in Horizon 2020.

A report sponsored by the US Department of Energy on Applied Mathematics Research for Exascale Computing lists parallel-in-time integration as one of six future directions of research in model discretisation.

The election for the scientific committee is now closed and the results available. As we had 7 candidates for 7 open positions, the outcome is not a big surprise. Nevertheless, the first election of a scientific committee will hopefully be an important milestone and help to successfully continue the PINT workshop series for many years to come.

There exists now an email list to help you send and receive information and announcements all around parallel-in-time integration. To join, simply send an email to parallelintime+subscribe[AT] and wait for one of the moderators to approve your request.

Note: You do not need a Google account in order to join this list, just send the subscribe email from the email address you want to subscribe.

The 5th Workshop on Parallel-in-Time Integration will take place in November 2016 in Banff, Canada.

The 4th Workshop on Parallel-in-Time Integration will take place in May 2015 in Dresden, Germany.