Workshop - Parallel in Time Methods

Brief overview

In this workshop, we want to address the challenge of time-dependent problems with time parallel methods.

With the emergence of architectures with tens of millions of cores before the end of the decade, current parallelization strategies usually based on parallelization in space inevitably reach their intrinsic limits. The objective of the workshop is to gather a limited number of people sharing an interest on the topic of time-parallel methods and to foster discussions and collaborations.

Confirmed invited speakers are currently

  • Matthew Emmett (Computer Modelling Group Ltd, Calgary, Canada),
  • Martin Gander (University of Geneva, Switzerland),
  • Robert Speck (Juelich Supercomputing Centre, Germany).

Interested participants are asked to propose a contribution to the workshop in the form of an abstract before December 10th 2015. Abstracts should be sent to [email protected] and notifications of acceptance will be given no later than December 15th 2015. There are no registration fees for the workshop and full details of how to register will be available soon.

For further information please contact Xavier Vasseur ([email protected]) and Serge Gratton ([email protected]).