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Parallel in Time


About Parallel-in-Time Methods

A new community resource

This website collects information about people, methods and software in the field of parallel-in-time integration methods.

If you would like for your group, your method, your code or your event to be mentioned here, it is (relatively) simple to add content: The website is based on GitHub Pages, making it easy for everyone to contribute: See the Wiki for more detailed information.

Literature list

We also maintain an extensive literature list in BibTex format. Feel free to use it and to add your own PINT-related publications if they are missing!

Parallel-in-time workshop series

This website also provides all the information about the parallel-in-time workshop series. Check out workshops for more information.

Email list

You can join our email list to send and receive information about events all around parallel-in-time integration: Just send an email to parallelintime+subscribe[AT] and wait for your request to be accepted.

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