A mini symposium about parallel-in-time integration with 8 talks will take place at the SIAM Conference on Computational Science and Engineering 2017.

In addition to Beth Wingate’s plenary talk, parallel-in-time integration with also be present at next year’s SIAM CSE conference in the form of a mini symposium with 8 presentations illustrating recent advances in the field.

  • Part I will be on Tuesday, February 28 from 9:10 AM to 10:50 AM in Room 211
  • Part II will be on Tuesday, February 28 from 1:30 PM to 3:10 PM in Room 211.

This continues the strong presence of PINT at SIAM conferences, with mini symposia being held at the last SIAM PP 2016, SIAM CSE 2015, SIAM PP 2014 and SIAM CSE 2013.